Eco Philosophy

We live in an insatiable consumerist society surrounded by materialistic values and detached from the natural world. Our consumption hunger generates an amount of polluting materials and energy waste, which is in continuous rise. 

The Plaza hotel is an innovative project based on the realization of a leading idea: the use of ecological materials and management aimed at energy saving.

Wall partitions of all the rooms are made of recycled wood-cement panels. The high density of compaction makes it very efficient in acoustic terms. The natural hemp, as a thermal insulator and still acoustic, is present in both inner and outer wall partitions of the hotel.

An innovative system of air conditioning - heat pump with hot water retrieval, designed uniquely for us, ensures high performance with a limited energy consumption. The use of soundproofing and thermal fixtures contributes to heat containment, therefore once more to energy saving.

Flow reducers are assembled on each of the hotel fountain. Guests will not even realize that they are consuming 20% less water.

Approximately 50% of the guests reuse their towels at least once, hence reducing the washes.

An automated computerized system controls the electricity in the rooms as well as the common areas. In addition, this software connected to the central heating, optimizes fuel consumption of the air conditioning. Energy consumption is reduced up to 30%.

For the courtesy line in the rooms and the cleaning throughout the hotel, only eco-friendly and biodegradable products are used. Great attention is also given to reducing the amount of garbage and its recycling.The pool water is purified through a sophisticated ozone system and UVA lamps. This technology reduces the use of chlorine to 5% when compared to a normal pool.

Furthermore, the management complies to all existing legislation in the field of eco-sustainability.

These and many more innovations are strongly desired and aim at one goal: respect for the environment.



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Via Fuorimura, 3
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