What about the History of Neapolitan Pizza?

Is there anything that says Italy more than pizza? While you'll find excellent pizza all over Italy, there's one place that's absolute the top: Naples. Neapolitans are extremely passionate about pizza. Naples, the birthplace of pizza, has countless Pizzerias and wood-fired ovens. The city is proud of its heritage as the place where the pizza was born. What about the history of pizza? The history of pizza begins back with the Ancient Greeks who had a flatbread called plakous, it wasn't until the late 18th century where peasants in the Naples area decided to add tomatoes to their flatbread that the modern pizza was born. In the 1760s to be more accurate, tomatoes baked atop flat bread became the thing to eat in Naples. For that we can thank Ferdinand, King of Naples, who was known for his vulgar tastes, and one of them was this dish of flat bread baked with tomatoes, olive oil, oregano and garlic. This was the very beginning of what is called "pizza alla marinara". What worked for the King worked for the King, but it didn't necessarily fly with the Queen. In 1889, Queen Margherita, wife of Umberto I the King of Italy, expressed some interest in trying the famous Neapolitan pizza she had heard so much about. So on her visit to the city she summoned one of the best pizza makers of the day, Raffaele Esposito from what is now called Pizzeria Brandi, to make her the local specialty. The story goes that in order to honor the Queen with something extra special and to show his support for the new country, Raffaele added some mozzarella cheese and basil leaves to make the pizza green, white and red. A little messier than a flag, but much tastier! Naturally, the Queen was impressed and when word got out about the success it became a smash hit and is still called pizza Margherita in her honor. Now that's a story! When you pass by Pizzeria Brandi not far from Galleria Umberto I, you'll see a marble plaque celebrating the spot where the world's most famous pizza was created. Purists consider there to be only two true pizzas – the "Marinara" and the "Margherita" and that is all they serve, but there are subtle variations.

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