Visiting Sorrento in the off-season

It’s always amazing to get away from it all and breathe some sea-air.
The first things that may come to your mind when you think of Sorrento are sunny hot days, sunbathing to the beach and tourists all around, with a summer, enjoyable, mood.

Visiting Sorrento in the off-season, without a hint of its usual summer chaos, you will surprisingly see that it is much more than that.

Winter can be cold, but the town is more charming and definitely less crowded, granting you a very relaxing experience and, definitely, a more authentic one.

Average temperatures for Sorrento coast in December, January and February, not so low. Yes, there’s more rain than usual, but there are still plenty of crisp, sunny days, too.

Whereas many small places can be abandoned in the winter, Sorrento is not.

Life continues even after summer, and wandering around the historical city center, you couldn’t help noticing that in the low-season a large number of typical product shops are open to please your shopping needs.

For wildlife lovers, hiking will be exciting! But if you don’t fancy hikes, you will still have an opportunity to stare at the romantic views by yourself, to know locals better and enjoy an unique road-trip along the coast, admiring the tiny villages with their terraced lemon trees, vineyards and olive trees, clinging to the jagged cliffs overlooking the blue sea.

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