Valle delle Ferriere, just another place to discover in Amalfi Coast

A fascinating and unexpected trek. The discovery of a secret Amalfi, made not only of sea.
It’s the Valle delle Ferriere (Ferriere valley), a valley that is climbing to the mountains of the Amalfi Coast; a valley that we absolutely recommend to visit, for its waterfalls, its semitropical vegetation, the ruins of the old paper mills that symbolize the industrial history of the city: a series of elements that have the water in common, the old engine of the paper mills and ironworks.

The trail has several access points, you can start from Borgo Pontone, near Ravello, but the best known place starts from San Lazzaro, a small village near Agerola, where there is the possibility of park the car. The first section of the footpath is characterized by a steep climb that leads quickly to the saddle of Mount Murillo (m.866). This trail takes you through woods of alders and chestnut trees, and for centuries farmers and donkeys loaded with logs have walked the path. From time to time the path offers fantastic gorgeous, panoramic views of the blue sea, the coast and the towns of Ravello and Amalfi. After an hour and a half of walk you will come to the Source of Acquolella (m.644) where you can refuel of water. If you continue downhill you will reach the beautiful waterfall Vecita, thirty meters long and hidden among the trees.

The spectacle of the mountain dripping water is unforgettable. Then you can continue to the valley itself, an enchanted and declared protected reserve, where the rare woodwardia radicans grows, an ancient fern endemic of about 2500 years, which manages to survive thanks to the humidity of the area . With a little of luck, you can also see colorful butterflies, newts and yellow salamanders. It is not easy to find the right path, but we strongly recommend to make a detour and further into the valley where there are other waterfalls and streams. From this point there is the beginning of the famous Valley of the Mills of Amalfi, so named because it housed the 16 mills of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi (now abandoned, with few but evocative remains) that were fed by the waters of the stream Chiarito. The last paper mill is now a museum, where you can discover the necessary tools to make the paper and "participate" in the creation of an ancient parchment

The beautiful trail ends on a recently paved road offering a remarkable glimpse of the homes and the crops in the valley and it leads just above the center of Amalfi.
Unlike the Path of the Gods, maybe not suitable for those not familiar with trekking, and not for amateurs, this is much easier to walk, and it can be done by anyone willing to walk, and breathe deeply the beauty of the Amalfi Coast.

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