The Museum Correale, a priceless treasure of art works in Sorrento

Sorrento is well known and loved around the world for its views, its food, its sea. But not all the tourists know that Sorrento is also a city of art and that most of its masterpieces are kept in the Museo Correale di Terranova. The museum is a relatively new institution in Sorrento and for that reason is not very well known even by the residents of the city. Indeed, it was finally opened to the public in 1989, after a first inauguration in 1924.

The creation of the museum is due to the brothers Pompeo and Alfredo Correale, Counts of Terranova, who died without heirs, who did not want to lose their family heritage accumulated over the centuries. The seat of the museum is their villa, built in the XVIII century, which contains priceless works of art.

Antique furniture, works of archeology, more than 6000 volumes and manuscripts, some of which are more than 500 years old. Dozens of paintings of Baroque and Renaissance artists, including Salvator Rosa and Peter Paul Rubens, ceramics and porcelain of Capodimonte and Sèvres and the death mask of the famous Sorrento’s author Torquato Tasso.
Over the years the museum's collection has been enriched by further legacies and private donations.

The building of the museum, surrounded by citrus groves and with a central courtyard with trees, is itself a masterpiece, far away from the chaos of the city center. The Sorrento Town Council also provides one of the rooms, the wonderful Sala degli Specchi (hall of mirrors), also for wedding ceremonies and receptions, with an aristocratic flavour of a bygone era.

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