The gulf marathon: swimming from Capri to Napoli since 1954

Taking place during the Olympic Games of Beijing 2008 for the first time, the open water swimming is nowadays an Olympic discipline. 
Much more tiring than the earth ones, sea marathons are suggestive and unpredictable, as they depend on sea and weather conditions and on very prepared competitors.
Since 1949, the one starting from Capri's Marina Grande and finishing in the sea-front in Naples is one of the most difficult competitions, bringing together athletes from all over the world.
Aldo Fioravanti and Cesare Alfieri, the first passionate swimmers who overtook the outstanding physical effort more than 50 years ago, covered the distance between the island and the land for the first time in around 12 hours, at an average of 30 strokes per minute. Nowadays, the race lasts not more than 7 hours.
On September 4th, the 2016 edition of the race from Capri to Naples will be the 51st one in 63 years of this famous crossing swimming race, which has been attracting the best marathon swimmers in the world, both professional and amateur. The 36 km (22 mile) competition has long been part of the top global marathon swimming circuits in the world over the past six decades and, hopefully, will be unpredictable until the last stroke.

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