Considered as the most famous folk dance in the world, the Tarantella is capable to convey joy and to involve the audience deeply. It is an ancient folk dance driven by festive music played with traditional Neapolitan instruments such as tambourine, guitar, mandolin, violin and castanets. The dancers wear bright clothes, rich in colorful velvets, refined laces and gold embroidery. According to some scholars the name "tarantella" derives from "taranta", a dialectal term of the southern Italian regions to name the tarantula, a poisonous spider: who believed to have been bitten by a tarantula tended to exaggerated movements and to use dance to provoke the expulsion of the poison through sweat and humors. In the typical Sorrentine tradition there is another legend according to which the movements of the dance were used by the sirens to enchant Ulysses. Even today you can watch the Tarantella show in some specialized places, where you can be carried away by the frantic music and movements and abandon yourself to the most authentic joy of living.

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