Summer in Sorrento, a season of music and fun

Nearly 50 events for five months of planning, between June and October, and dozens of locations that will host musical, cultural, theatrical, artistic, photographic, and food events.

These are the ingredients of the great cycle of events called the "Nights", sponsored by the city of Sorrento, that will make the summer spent in Sorrento by many Italian and foreign tourists an unforgettable experience.

The long summer festival has already started more than a month ago, namely from June 25, with a concert "Night for Caruso", also broadcast by the Italian national TV. The concert opened "Nights of love and friendship", a series of evenings with Italian and international musicians such as Niccolò Fabi, Joe Barbieri and Raphael Gualazzi, that will take place between Marina Piccola, Parco Ibsen and the cloister of San Francesco.

The cloister of San Francesco will be also the setting of "Nights in music" and "Nights of marine symphonies" (from August 3 to September 13), two exhibitions devoted to classical music. "Nights in music" is a cycle of 20 appointments with orchestras, chamber ensembles, soloists and players of great international music, who will play compositions by Chopin, Rossini, Mozart and Beethoven."Nights of marine symphonies" instead opens on August 3 and will give more space to modern sounds, such as guitar and drums, but also, on September 23, to the Choir of Sant'Antonino, a choir of young opera singers.

Sports, concerts and food taste, are the highlight of "Clear nights and sweet dreams between earth and sea" (from July 12 to August 10), held between Marina Piccola and the archaeological site of the Baths of Regina Giovanna. Some of the most interesting events are the "Noche Latina", including sports, music and fitness, on July 26, and the concert "A note spiegate", on August 1.

Even the small villages around Sorrento are protagonists this summer: theater and music from 11 to 20 August at Casarlano, music and typical food in Malacoccola, Pizziutiello and Colli di Fontanelle, with the three events "Nights between Sunsets on the hills" (from 18 July to 9 August).

Folklore is the protagonist of "Animations on the road", scheduled from July 10 to September 27, between the old town, Marina Grande and Piazza Veniero.

The summer program will be closed by "Divine Nights", scheduled from October 16 to 18, at the Cathedral of Sorrento, with the concerts, among others, of Italian artists Luis Bacalov, Peppe Servillo and Simone Cristicchi.

This cycle of events will then end at the end of October, just in time for the beginning of "M'illumino d'inverno", the cycle of events that characterize the cultural offerings of Sorrento at Christmas time.

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