Special contest Plaza, all the pictures and texts of the participants

Plaza Mare d’inverno, the first online contest of Hotel Plaza Sorrento has ended with general satisfaction.
The commitment and passion of the 16 contestants expressed in the photographic contributions, which portrayed them on a background of the sea in winter, but especially in the unpublished texts, has made the first edition of the contest an interesting emotional experiment 2.0.

To celebrate the success and popularity of Plaza Winter Sea, Think Thanks and Hotel Plaza have decided to publish a special issue (it can be downloaded here), of the magazine of Plaza Sorrento in a digital version in order to thank all the participants.
In this issue you can see all the materials in the competition, from the photos to the texts and their translations in Italian, English, Spanish, but you can also read the life stories of the top three winners, interviewed by Think Thanks; in order of arrival: Rossella Michienzi, Chiara Freddi and Emanuele De Lucia.

Rossella Michienzi and Chiara Freddi, following their victory, have been guests of the Hotel Plaza and shared on the social media of the hotel their experience and their impressions of the hotel.
Among the questions addressed to the three winners of the contest were their relationship with photography, writing, but above all their relationship with the sea in winter, the main element of this special issue, romantic and exciting, that was the setting for the memories, stories and journey of the participants in the contest

The elements in common between the three shots are the homesickness and the sense of belonging to their native homeland. Rossella Michienzi is studying in Argentina, Chiara Freddi is engaged in an internship in Scotland, Emanuele De Lucia works in Tuscany, but each and every one of them felt the lack of the sea and consequently of their homeland.
So Rossella Michienzi as soon as returned to her native Calabria, went to Scilla with friends as she felt the need to go barefoot on the rocks, to feel again her land, between the waves and the smell of salt air.
Chiara Freddi, originally from Piacenza but a Neapolitan by adoption, took advantage of a sunny morning in Edinburgh and took a bus directly to the promenade in Portobello, and thanks to the sea she managed to fill the gap between North and South who felt inside of herself.

Emanuele De Lucia, who just stayed a few days in his native Naples, took a picture at the seafront of Via Partenope. A shot that is a goodbye, a bond with his land, his sea, whose waves with their comings and goings dragged him into a tangle of emotions, from joy to sadness.
But the special issue also includes the texts and shots of the other participants, who have described the sea in winter with an abundance of sensations.
Sea unpredictable, restless, stimulating, vibrant, majestic, stormy, strict teacher or woman tired of violence, but that always leads to peace of mind.

The Plaza Hotel and Think Thanks so make a special thanks to Anna De Robbio, Carmen Annicchino, Antonio Pastore, Ellie Reynolds, Nadia Musco, Roberto Vella, Carolina Napolitano, Ernestina Dicuonzo, Elsa Veiga, Debbie Sewter, Chiara Giorleo, Paola Campana, and Vittorio Di Gioia, and hopes to see them among the participants of the next contest online.
By following this link you can view the special digital issue.

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