Sorrento’s sea, a world full of life

The waters of the Gulf of Sorrento, much loved by tourists and residents for their clearness, are incredibly rich in marine life, and the natural areas of the Bay of Ieranto and Punta Campanella are a real explosion of biodiversity. The best known animal species is definitely the loggerhead sea turtle, which often lays its eggs in the cliffs of the Sorrento peninsula. The turtles often remain stuck in the fishermen's nets, and for this reason many specimens are found wounded on the beaches and then taken to reception centers. Among the fish most dangerous to humans (although they only react when attacked), the sharpnose sevengill shark and the barracuda, which are usually more common in tropical seas. And also from the tropical seas, the Indian and Pacific Ocean, comes the Indo-Pacific sailfish, which also has started to appear in the seas of Sorrento, and has a characteristic dorsal fin similar to the swordfish, but a colorful one. Invertebrate species are also common, such as squids and octopuses, which are also present in the typical dishes of the Sorrento peninsula, while among the most beloved animals there are definitely the dolphins. The common dolphins are unfortunately very unfrequent, while the pilot whales and Risso’s dolphins are quite common. And the sight of fascinating and unusual fish, such as the John Dory, the Flying gurnard and the big, scary ocean sunfish is not that unfrequent. The seas of Sorrento, despite the often indiscriminate and illegal fishing, are thankfully still teeming with life.

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