Sorrento Peninsula, the kingdom of gastronomy

For centuries, the Sorrento peninsula has been popular with tourists from all over the world for its mild climate, the beautiful sea and the beauty of its coastline. More rarely, however, it has been quoted for the culinary specialties of the region that instead represent another very valid reason for a visit, not only by the lovers of food. In Sorrento, as well as in every corner of the Amalfi Coast, there is plenty of delicious food in every period of the year, and not only tourists, but also many residents of nearby Naples, especially on weekends, travel to Sorrento to have lunch, a tradition that has lasted for generations.

The extraordinary mild climate of the Sorrento peninsula and a very fertile soil contribute significantly to the production of high quality food. The sea does the rest, giving to the local cuisine an incredible variety of flavors. In these places there is therefore a perfect combination of the culture of the countryside, linked to the fruits and vegetable of the earth and the cattle breeding, and the culture of the sea. The sea of the Amalfi and Sorrento coast represents an inexhaustible source of fresh fish that of course plays a primary role in the local cuisine: cuttlefish, squid, anchovies and seafood are found in many recipes.

One of the most typical products of the area is the oil, thanks to the morphological and climatic conditions that characterize the area of production: the Mediterranean climate, the volcanic soil, the variety of olives, make the oil of Sorrento a unique product, with a very old tradition. The Greek colonists who inhabited these lands more than 2,500 years ago already produced the oil, as well as, a few centuries later, the Romans. Remains of shrines erected by the Romans in honor of the goddess Minerva, with jars and containers for the supply of oil have been found in the Sorrento area. We mention also the Fior di Latte, often confused with mozzarella, whereas it is a slightly different dairy product, and strictly produced in the Sorrento region. The area is actually renowned for the production of milk, to the point that the mountain range behind Sorrento is named Monti Lattari (Milky Mountains).

And speaking of dairy products, we can't help but mentioning the Provolone del Monaco. The origin of the name of this delicious cheese is probably linked to the fact that the shepherds of Sorrento producing this cheese, who landed at dawn to the port of Naples to sell it, covered themselves with a cloak sackcloth similar to that worn by monk to protect themselves from cold and damp. And the main courses of the Sorrento Coast are based, of course, on precisely these products: fish, olive oil and mozzarella, and the ever present tomato and basil. The classic Sorrento sauce, made with mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil and basil, is used to flavour various types of pasta. Penne, gnocchi, or ravioli stuffed with ricotta.

The most famous second dish of Sorrento is the caprese salad, based on the same above mentioned ingredients: tomatoes, olive oil, basil and mozzarella. Easy to cook, the caprese is a cold dish with an incredibly tasty flavour, whose ingredients must all be produced, strictly, in the Amalfi and Sorrento coast. Special mention deserves the pastry that was born in the kitchens of the convents back in the Middle Age (at that time only the clergy could indulge in such luxuries ..) and now is exposed in all the pastry-shops.

The desserts of Sorrento are multiple. From classic Pastiera, the typical Easter sweet with its filling of ricotta and wheat, to the Limoncello tasting Babà, to the Delizia al Limone, which came in the sweets scenario only a few decades ago, and it's typical of Sorrento, with a base of soft sponge cake filled with a soft lemon cream.

And finally the many tasty digestive liqueurs locally produced, from the famous limoncello to the less known nocino, produced from the nuts, and the licorice and fennel liqueur. In recent decades the Mediterranean diet has been revived in the world and the cuisine of Sorrento is a typical expression of this type of diet based on natural ingredients and the variety of foods.

Over the years, the Sorrento Peninsula have become the kingdom of gastronomy and, today, it has a very high number of places mentioned in the most famous international food guides, from historical restaurants, to delicious pizzerias and simple, but typical trattorias. All places which have in common the desire to prove its guests specialties intended to become memorable for their goodness and their inimitable taste

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