Sorrento one of the most visited cities in Italy in 2014

Italy is the fifth most visited country in the world and, according to the online reservations website, Sorrento was in 2013 and 2014 the fifth most visited city in Italy, surpassing cities like Naples and Turin. A remarkable achievement when you consider that ahead of Sorrento, there are only big cities such as Rome, Venice, Milan and Florence.
The Amalfi and the Sorrento coast are on the whole the fifth most visited area of Italy after Rome, Venice, Florence and Pompeii.

And in the last few months of 2014 the trend is confirmed in further improvement, after a not-exciting first semester, that has seen a sharp decline in the Italian market with a -24.40%, while the foreign market was slightly up with an encouraging + 1.30%. The months of September and October, however, have been fully booked in most hotels.

The year-end figures spread by the Department of Tourism of the Campania Region showed a 12% more admissions in the Sorrento Peninsula and Capri. And yet, a 20% increase in international passengers, which consolidates the trend of foreign tourists prevailing, not only Americans and Germans, but also French, Australian and in recent years many Russians. But the British tourists are still the most represented in the travel community of Sorrento. A special feeling exists between Sorrento and the British tourists, which lasts for centuries, at least since the eighteenth century, when the intellectuals and writers have chosen it as a holiday destination and celebrated the beauties of the town in their works.

 And the city has in recent years begun to attract tourists even from Asia, from China to India and the closest Middle East, a whole new market who is attracted by the weather, the sea and the environment of the city as well as the possibility of organizing wedding events. The market of wedding in Sorrento is actually experiencing a speedy growth both for the Italians and the foreigners.
There are, however, some negative notes: the attendance of Italian tourists has been down in recent years and especially it is not so profitable in economic terms for hoteliers and restaurateurs.The elite tourism, which still distinguishes Capri, and which generally is more profitable, is long gone in Sorrento, to the benefit of mass tourism. There is the persisting problem of unauthorized hotel facilities, that keep stealing visitors not so much to the 5 and 4 star hotels, which again this year have been the driving force of the entire hospitality sector, but to the B&B and the 3 stars hotels. And finally, according to the experts of tourism, the promotion of Sorrento and in general of Campania, should free itself of a stereotyped image, which belongs to the past and no longer coincides with the real one.

However last December, with the inauguration of the series of events M'illumino d’inverno, marked a further boom in bookings; the town was literally overrun by tourists, while hotels and b&b have been deluged by requests from tourists. The city council has remedied by establishing a restricted traffic zone which remained in force until the last day of December giving the opportunity to visit the old town with no traffic. A good synergy between the city authorities and the hospitality sector that hopefully will be repeated next year for an even more successful 2015.

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