Sorrento Musical, relive the emotions of the old Sorrento

Every year at the Teatro Tasso in Sorrento, just a few steps from Hotel Plaza Sorrento, the Sorrento Musical celebrates the glories of the artistic tradition of Sorrento. In order to put an end to the decadence of the historical traditions of Sorrento, the owners of Teatro Tasso have decided to set up since 1999, the Sorrento Musical, which brings to the stage moments and scenes of the Sorrento peninsula in the XIX century, so far jealously preserved by the families of the Sorrento Coast.

The show is divided into four episodes, set respectively, in the sea a market, the romantic sunset and a night lit by fireworks. Traditional music and dances, as well as world-famous songs such as "Torna a Surriento" and "Caruso", entertain the audience. But the best moment of Sorrento Musical is definitely the tarantella, a dance that has ancestral origins and until a few years ago it was commonly practiced throughout Southern Italy.

The hypnotic rhythm and harmony of the sounds created by the tambourine, guitar, mandolin, castanets, the richness of the clothes of the dancers, even inspired composers Gioacchino Rossini to dedicate a musical piece to tarantella, the Dance. The origins of the Tarantella were initially linked to the celebrations in honor of Bacchus, and then to the phenomenon of tarantism, so named because peasant women claimed they were bitten by the tarantulas when working in the fields and that their poison made them to dance erratically. Spread in Naples, Apulia and Calabria since the XVII century, it established itself permanently in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies in the XIX century, only to fall into disuse, until it was rediscovered by connoisseurs such as the founders of Teatro Tasso.

The colors, the music and the warmth of the artists create an unforgettable atmosphere for tourists in search of the true Sorrento, and for Sorrento locals eager to rediscover their past. For those who want to enjoy an appetizer before the show, the theater also offer on the terrace, from where you can see the entire Gulf of Sorrento, an aperitif  to the whole audience.

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