Sorrento Cathedral: the heart of he city

Located in the heart of Sorrento, in Corso Italia, the Cathedral dates back to the X-XII centuries, when it was transferred inside the urban surrounding wall. t was first built around the 11th century and was rebuilt in the 15th century in Romanesque style. The Sorrento Cathedral is dedicated to the Saints Phillip and James and it is said to be risen on the ruins of an ancient Temple dedicated to Jupiter. It is well worth going to have a look at the magnificent interior, which has three naves separated by pillars and an ornate ceiling. The nave contains round arches and paintings by Nicola Malinconico, including Sorrentine Martyrs and Four Patron Bishop Saints and also by Giacomo del Po. The marble altar and pulpit and the bishop's throne all date from the 16th century.Il Duomo houses some rare 14th century bas-reliefs, paintings by artists of the 17th century Neapolitan school and a fine 16th century archbishop's throne in marble.The choir in the apse provides some wonderful examples of the decorative inlaid woodwork, intarsia, that is a Sorrentine artisan tradition, being used to illustrate religious subjects.Next to the cathedral is a bell tower resting on an arch with four columns, which dates back to medieval times, and an elegant Bishop's palace. The cathedral bell tower has three storeys, and is decorated with a clock. The base of the bell tower dates to the time of the Roman Empire.The poet Torquato Tasso, the best known citizen of the town, was baptized in the church's baptistery.

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