Sedi Dominova

In the heart of Sorrento, next to the now-called Cesareo street, you can visit Sedil Dominova, one of the most significant monuments to understand the authentic soul of the city, as well as the only ancient noble mansion you can still admire in Campania.

Built during the XIV century, it represented one of the first political meeting places: when many nobles started fighting, some important families decided to divide the management of the city into two factions and the group residing in the Western part of the town had a new house (“domus nova” in Latin, then “Dominova”) erected, in which they could meet.

In 1877 the building became the headquarters of the “Mutual Aid Society”, an organization founded to guarantee workers the first forms of mutualism.

Nowadays, the monument hasn’t changed its 15th-century structure - with its two open sides, big arches and archaic capitals - except for the dome covered with typical majolica tiles, executed in the 18th century by a Neapolitan artist.

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