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After Carlos from Denmark and Debbie from UK, Plaza Guest Magazine interviews another previous guest of Hotel Plaza Sorrento, Elke Kip, an artist and art teacher from the Netherlands (here her website, about her experience at Plaza.

Hi Elke, please tell us about your experience at Hotel Plaza Sorrento. How did you know about our hotel?

It was our first stay in Sorrento. We had to find a sleeping place for 3 days. Our flight back home (Naples-Eindhoven) was later that week. All appartements in the region were saturday to saturday for reservation. We googled and found...this beautiful luxury Art hotel with swimming pool on the roof. I’m an artist myself so Plaza was my choice right away.

How well do you know Sorrento? What do you remember most of our town? Did you visit other places in Sorrento?

 Well, we went to Sorrento twice. We saw many things that we love. The beaches, the little streets, the sun, and the Art in the Hotel.  I was definitely impressed by the relaxing atmosphere, the many little shops, the good restaurants, the tiny streets, the sun and ...nice people to observe. We visited other places in the area, but Sorrento has it all, in close distance.

Social network and photos: how important they are to tell a travel experience? Do you usually write a travel blog?

The special things, special experiences are always on my social media. I love to share.  But I don’t have a travel blog, it’s too labour intensive. I’m a person who likes visuals, therefore I prefer to share pictures and images.

For those who have never been to Plaza Sorrento: three good reasons to visit it?

The staff is very friendly, the atmosphere is most relaxing, ‘loungy’, and I really like the artistic, luxurious atmosphere of Plaza.

You will return to the Plaza because:

-Nice Art in the Hotel
-The breakfast is the best I ever saw, tasted, experienced!
-The swimming pool, the bar, the piano music, the rooms with nice Artistic taste
-The walking distance from all the things you need....beach, shops, and much sun also!

Many thanks Elke, hope to see you soon again at Hotel Plaza Sorrento

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