Plaza Guest Magazine, more stories from Hotel Plaza Sorrento previous guests

We are back with our interviews for Plaza Guest Magazine, where previous guests of Hotel Plaza Sorrento tell their stories about Sorrento and their stay. Today is the turn of Ellie Cheeseman Reynolds, from Maidstone, England.

Hi Ellie, please tell us about your experience at Hotel Plaza. How did you know about our hotel?

We chose Hotel Plaza over a list of other hotels online due to its perfect central location meaning we did not have to hire a car to get around. 
We adored our time at hotel Plaza and we were delighted with our choice. The hotel is bright and modern with a calming effect so we felt very relaxed and at home. We often returned to the hotel bars instead of the towns as we found them to have the most pleasurable surroundings. The room was very comfortable and nicely decorated. The pool was superb with the most amazing sea view. The food was always of outstanding quality and of good variety.

How well do you know Sorrento? What do you remember most of our town?

Sorrento is a beautiful and charming town with a plentiful choice of restaurants for every budget. It is a delight to lose yourself in the surrounding streets and sample the local dishes as well as the excellent shops. I feel I know Sorrento well enough to recommend others where to go, where to eat and where to enjoy the best seafood with a view.

For those who have never been to Plaza Sorrento: three good reasons to visit it?

Incredible sea views from the rooftop pool, central location within a quiet street so very relaxing, charming attentive staff all very welcoming and helpful at all times.

Social network and photos: how important they are to tell a travel experience? Do you usually write a travel blog?

Social network photos allow others to see if they would also enjoy visiting a location and they give good tips and new ideas. They also help people to stay in touch for free.

You will return to the Plaza because ...

We have fond memories of celebrating our first wedding anniversary at Hotel Plaza and we would very much like to return in the future to enjoy another peaceful, relaxing and romantic break

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