Plaza Guest Magazine, our interviews to the guests of Hotel Plaza

Our feature Hotel Plaza magazine goes on with our interview to Debbie Sewter, a faithful guest of Hotel Plaza Sorrento.

Hi Debbie, please tell us about your experience at Hotel Plaza. How did you know about our hotel?

We booked through Classic Collection because the pictures in the brochure looked really good and we were not disappointed. The Hotel Plaza Sorrento is wonderful!  Everyone has a smile, and no wonder, because it is such a lovely hotel. The food is fabulous, the evening music is lovely, and the rooms are stunning.

How well do you know Sorrento? What do you remember most of our town? Did you visit other places around Sorrento?

We have been to Sorrento four times now, so we feel we know it pretty well.  Each time we visit is like the first time all over again.
We liked most the Sorrento Musical at Teatro Tasso, villa Comunale, the Fauno Bar in central Piazza Tasso, and many other places too.
We have visited quite a lot of places around Sorrento. We have been to Naples and Capri on the ferry, and we have also been to Ravello, Positano, Amalfi and Massa Lubrense.

For those who have never been to Plaza Sorrento: three good reasons to visit it?

1-The location – it's just off Piazza Tasso, where everything in Sorrento is happening.
2-The atmosphere and surroundings.
3-The friendly staff.

Social network and photos: how important they are to tell a travel experience? Do you usually write a travel blog?

Nowadays I believe that social media are essential to tell to family and friends your travel experience. I don't write a blog, but I do post on Facebook and Twitter.

You will return to the Plaza because …

How could you return to Sorrento and not return to Hotel Plaza?

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