Plaza Guest Magazine, new stories from our guests

Our feature Plaza Guest Magazine, with the interviews to previous guests of Hotel Plaza Sorrento, goes on. Today we go to Finland, to get the impressions of Gevi Maria Clemes, who has good memories of Hotel Plaza Sorrento after visiting it for the first time 19 years ago!

Hi Gevi, please tell us about your experience at Hotel Plaza. 

Hotel Plaza really means something special to me. It was my first introduction to Sorrento and other places around. I visited that lovely hotel for the first time in 1996, together with my little son.

What did you like most of Hotel Plaza? 

I can tell you that we felt great at Hotel Plaza, during our two weeks there, they were amazing weeks. The atmosphere, the lovely staff, the delicious food, the surrounding, all these things made us come back over and over again. I have gone to Sorrento and stayed one, two weeks at Plaza for five, six consecutive years. Every time was a pleasure, it felt like coming home, I remember I was also staying at Hotel Plaza some years ago. The hotel was then totally renovated, so stylish and fresh in every detail. 

For those who have never been to Plaza Sorrento: three good reasons to visit it?

I can think of more than three reasons. A modern touch, the interiors, clean and artistically designed, a friendly atmosphere and harmony, the wonderful view, the roof terrace with the pool beautiful.

You will return to the Plaza because ...

Hotel Plaza always gonna have a special place in my heart and I hope my words clearly showed my love for it. 

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