Marriage Italian Style, all the customs and traditions

Getting married in Italy or at least being invited to a wedding in Italy is the dream of many foreign tourists, intrigued by a ritual that even today, preserves some typical traditions that you find only here in Italy.

There is no doubt that a wedding, in Italy, is still a serious affair, and if you want to do things right, to make a bella figura, you should start preparing at least a year before. There are the announcement cards, the choice of the church, the restaurant and the photographer, the wedding favors, the flowers, and of course the compilation of the guest list, while the guest have to choose the gift much in advance. Most of the time the gift is a wedding list with the choice of home furnishings, while in some cases guests make gifts in cash.

The parents of the spouses will share the expenses in equal parts, usually the bride's parents pay for the dress, the accessories, the makeup and hairstyle of the bride, the wedding invitations, the floral decoration, the photographer and/or the cameraman, the rental car for the bride and groom and the wedding favors, while the parents of the groom bear the expense of the wedding rings, the apparel and accessories of the groom, the rent of the wedding venue, the bouquet, the offer to the church and the honeymoon.

Old and new traditions are closely connected in Italy, the most classic tradition of course is the preparation of the trousseau, which the bride has since her birth. In some countries still persists thetradition to parade the trousseau aboard a carriage, so that everyone can see it. The mother-in-law then gives to the bride a jewel and the bouquet, while the father-in-law gives her a bouquet of red roses. The father, in addition to accompanying the bride to the altar, has the honor of the first dance with her during the reception, while the groom may kiss the bride only on the forehead before the priest celebrates the religious function.

Also it is generally not recommended to get married in May, because it is the month of Virgin Mary, while the recommendation to avoid the wedding on Saturday, which seems to bring bad luck is now considered old fashioned. If it rains on your wedding day, relatives and friends comfort the spouses saying "wet bride, lucky bride", as the rain symbolizes good luck and abundance falling on the married couple.
Besides the rice, the guests throw confetti at the newlyweds, as they are a symbol of luck and money and they are also given away to the guests in the wedding favor.

In addition to the bouquet there is also the launch of the Garter, which the groom slips off to the bride with his teeth and then throw it to the male guests. The woman hit by the bouquet has to dance along with the man who gets the garter; if they do not know each other they can just have a picture together.
When the bride and groom leave the reception the guests happily play the horn at the wedding procession with the conviction it sends away the evil spirits (although this is not a very elegant gesture ...)

Among the newer traditions there is the serenade, organized by the groom under the window of the future bride with some musicians on the evening before the wedding; the custom to assign seats and following a common theme, such as flowers, pets, etc. (tableau mariage). And yet the blessing of the wedding ring, which is kissed by the bride before she slips it on the finger of her husband, and the change of bride wedding dress before leaving for the honeymoon.
Finally, there is the wedding reception, which lasts several hours. Often a wedding ceremony begins in mid-morning to continue until after midnight, among dozens of courses, but for the wedding menu there should be a separate article ...
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