Marina Grande, a hidden gem in Sorrento

Almost everyone knows Marina Piccola in Sorrento, the port where ferries full of tourists dock every day and the curvy road Via Luigi de Maio take them directly to the central Piazza Tasso.

Not everyone knows Marina Grande. As Capri, Sorrento too has two Marinas, and Marina Grande retains a secluded atmosphere of the past, far from the chaos and the jet set atmosphere of Piazza Tasso and surroundings. The small fishing village is in fact very difficult to access, separated from the rest of the city by a promontory where during the Roman empire there was the villa of Agrippa Postumus, nephew of the Emperor Augustus.

Before the opening of Via Del Mare, which was inaugurated a few decades ago, and which in the summer months is reserved only to authorized vehicles, Marina Grande could be reached only by walking, through an archway built in the third century BC and still in perfect condition. We suggest the access to the village from this very road, which starts from Piazza della Vittoria, preferably at sunset. Beyond the arch, you have a beautiful sight of the village, which includes 5 or 6 buildings with pastel colors, the church of St. Anne, just recently restored, some typical and cheap restaurants, with a strictly fish-based menù, with the whole setting overlooking the sea. The port of Marina Grande is almost without beach resorts, and it recalls the period when the gozzi were built here, the Sorrento typical wooden fishing boats. For movie lovers, Marina Grande was the set in 1955 of the film Scandal in Sorrento, with Vittorio De Sica and Sophia Loren, and many locations of the film, can be found virtually identical.

Almost all the inhabitants of Marina Grande live in the village for generations, and the whole scenario, with the clothes hanging from a windows, the cats sleeping placidly on the doorways, the fishermen withdrawing their boats on the shore, is suggestive and evocative at the same time.

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