Hotel Plaza Sorrento joins the eco philosophy

It’s maybe a coincidence, but an increasing number of hotels that aims to stand out in the landscape of receptivity is offering as green as possible: and it is not only about materials used in construction or systems for the responsible use of energy, it’s about how to intercept a request that comes from an audience increasingly attentive to wellness, physical and mental well-being.

Italian hotels are among the greenest in Europe, with green measures adopted by 83% of the owners just behind France (85%) and followed by the UK (78%), Germany (72%) and Spain (66%). However, worldwide, there are those who are able to do even better with regard to their hotel green philosophy: It’s the case of New Zealand, which is driving this particular ranking with 93% of the eco-responsible strategies, followed by Canada (91%), and Brazil (87%) and, of course, the transalpine cousins. These are just some of the numbers that populate the last TripAdvisor Industry Index, a massive investigation in the hotel industry, which involved over 25000 hotel owners around the world, among them 3000 Italians. Eco-tourism in Italy in 2013 registered the record of 12 billion euro of turnover.

The survey data reveal that 93% of Italian hoteliers and 94% of the holders of b&b feel very or fairly important for the adoption of environmentally responsible measures within their facilities.

Hotel Plaza is no exception to this trend of eco philosophy strategy. But what are the secrets to give it a greener look? First, the wall partitions of all the rooms are made of recycled wood-cement panels. The high density of compaction makes it very efficient in acoustic terms. The natural hemp, as a thermal insulator and still acoustic, is present in both inner and outer wall partitions of the hotel.
An automated computerized system controls the electricity in the rooms as well as the common areas. In addition, this software connected to the central heating, optimizes fuel consumption of the air conditioning. Energy consumption is reduced up to 30%. An innovative system of air conditioning - heat pump with hot water retrieval, designed uniquely for Plaza, ensures high performance with a limited energy consumption. The pool water is purified through a sophisticated ozone system and UVA lamps. This technology reduces the use of chlorine to 5% when compared to a normal pool. The use of soundproofing and thermal fixtures contributes to heat containment, therefore once more to energy saving. Flow reducers are assembled on each of the hotel fountain. For the courtesy line in the rooms and the cleaning throughout the hotel, only eco-friendly and biodegradable products are used. Great attention is also given to reducing the amount of garbage and its recycling.

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