"Ciuccio di fuoco" in Sorrento

One of the most particular Christmas events in Sorrento is the tradition of the "ciuccio di fuoco" ( "fire donkey" ).

During the night of the 31st of December a statue of a donkey is set on fire in Tasso square, offering a very suggestive show.

The origins of this ritual are unknown. Some people claim that it is a farm rite made so as to drive evil spirits away; while other think that it represents a way to say the final goodbye to the year that is nearly over, hoping that also the bad past days will disappear with the donkey.

The lighting of the donkey is preceded by a symbolic and joyous procession where an old man pulls the donkey and a folk group plays typical songs.

Then the euphoria holds on with the fireworks of midnight and the party continues to welcome the new year!

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