Easter in Sorrento, the Good Friday processions

Among the best periods of the year to visit Sorrento, Easter is perhaps the most appropriate, for its mild climate, the many culinary specialties but especially for the many religious traditions that take place in these days.

The most famous is of course the Good Friday procession. There are two main processions in Sorrento, that twist and turn through the city streets: the first is on the night between Thursday and Friday, organized by the Venerable Confraternity of Santa Monica, the second in the evening of Good Friday, organized by the Venerable Confraternity of Morte ed Orazione.

The most famous is the first one, also commonly named the Procession of Addolorata, or the White Procession, for the color of the robes worn by the participants, hidden under a traditional, unsettling hood. It depicts the sorrow of Virgin Mary in search of her son, Jesus Christ, condemned to death. Cult moments of the procession are the visits to the Tomb, that is the altars of the main churches and the return at dawn, to the Church of the Annunciation, to which the confraternity belongs.

The other procession, whose name is the Dead Christ procession or the Black procession, and is the symbol instead of the despair of Mary when finding the body of Christ crucified. In this case the participants in the procession wear black and carry on their shoulders the statue of the dead Christ.

The processions are enriched with torches and lamps, the symbols of the Confraternities, and funeral songs played by the bands of the city, that help to create a striking and disturbing atmosphere. It is a custom that has lasted since the fourteenth century, a perfect example of the desire of people of Sorrento to reconcile tradition and modernity, and a must see for the many tourists who visit the city in these days.

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