Easter in Sorrento

Easter processions are certainly among the most spectacular and popular events on the Peninsula of Sorrento. Getting ready to live the Holy Easter, the whole area will be animated by numerous local shows and initiatives not to be missed!

Worthy to be mentioned are the processions of Holy Thursday and Friday, surreal experiences which have a strong religious character and are real symbols of tradition and folklore that can charm even non-believers. 

Crossing the streets of the old town centre of Sorrento, the symbolic processions date back to medieval times, but, over time, have been enriched with lots of symbols and a mystical and suggestive atmosphere.

There is plenty to explore in Sorrento during the day between the two processions. A good start is the terrace next to the Chiesa di San Francesco overlooking the Bay of Naples and the towering Mount Vesuvius. Close by is the Piazza S. Antonino, home of the Basilica, a special church dedicated to Sain Antonino, the city patronal Saint.

Spending some time in Sorrento during the Holy Week is surely an interesting experience. Every year many people visit the enchanting town on the Gulf of Naples, attracted by the mild climate, the beauty of the place, the peculiarity of the religious rites and of the local folklore.
Late March and early April are great for excursions, but don’t forget that Easter is particulary felt here in Italy. This is also an important moment for local gastronomy, as in this time of the year several traditional and extremely tasty dishes, such as the salty casatiello or the orange flavoured Neapolitan Pastiera are prepared.

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