Customizing your hotel room with MyPage means having a great guest experience!

Today's travelers love putting their personal stamp on their travels. Using MyPage, every guest will feel like individual, personalizing each room as they wish!After confirming the reservation, the guest will receive an email with a password. This is the key to an exclusive section of our website: here is possible to change the type of blanket, the shape of the pillows, the room temperature and also which drink to find in the minibar.
MyPage was created to provide guests with a more personalized way of being welcomed in the room they have reserved. Customizing the rooms is the latest twist on a trend that started few years ago. This is a great way to appeal young travelers, but also loyal guests. This new option allows Hotel Plaza's guests to fill in their ceck in forms (but ID will still need to be shown while checkin-in!) without missing a second of their Sorrento experience!
MyPage is getting more popular day by day. The most popular requests is, for sure, to give the right softness to the pillows! This online service has no extra charge, but some of them could. The guests will personalize their room and the entire stay before they arrive. In addition, besides the fun and the personalization of the holiday, Hotel Plaza is also giving out a 10% discount every time you decide to return here by reserving directly on your MyPage.
Before arriving at the hotel, Plaza guests will have a chance to check a list of the toiletry options. How could you say no?

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Via Fuorimura, 3 , 80067, Sorrento

Via Fuorimura, 3
80067 Sorrento (Napoli) - Italy

Fax: +39 081.8073942
P.iva: 03620931216