British people and Sorrento, a long-lasting relationship

We all know that Sorrento, although visited by tourists from around the world, is especially loved by British people, a bond that lasts for many centuries, since the city was an obligatory stop on the Grand Tour at the end of XVIII century. In that period one of the first evidence of the beauties of Sorrento, "Travels in the Two Sicilies”, was written by Henry Swinburne, between 1777 and 1779. In the next century, at the beginning of XIX century, Sorrento was visited by some of the most significant authors of English Romanticism, the poet and philosopher Percy Bysshe Shelley, and the poet George Gordon Byron, better known as Lord Byron, who wrote in Sorrento the poem “The Lament of Tasso”, dedicated to Torquato Tasso, as well as by the famous writer and historian Sir Walter Scott. Sixteen years later Sorrento was visited by the poet Samuel Rogers, which included a description of the city in his poem "From Italy" and a few years later by Charles Dickens, who in 1845 wrote "Pictures from Italy". Also known painters and engravers of the time portrayed Sorrento in their works. We can mention "Sorrento, the birthplace of Tasso", of J.C. Bentley and W.H. Bartlett and "The Gate of Sorrento" by J.T. Wilmore and William Brockedon.
Of course in the imaginary of Italian people England rhymes with Royal Family. Two of the children of Queen Victoria, Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, who in Sorrento announced his engagement to the daughter of Czar Alexander II, and the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII, accompanied by his wife Alessandra, stayed in Sorrento. More recently, the Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth, was a frequent guest of Sorrento
The love story between Sorrento and the English people keeps lasting in the XXI century, and we hope it will never end.

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