Best reads for the lovers of Amalfi Coast

Are you planning a holiday to the Amalfi and Sorrento Coast in the next months? You should also put in the suitcase the right novels, and to immerse in the right atmosphere what's better than reading books set in these places?

From love novels to thrillers and historical novels, there’s plenty of choice. The writer Elizabeth Adler, who set many of her novels in Italy, wrote The House in Amalfi, a love story whose description of the coast, with its winding roads and houses overlooking the sea, reveals the author's love for these places. For the lovers of romance novels there is also Finding Positano, A Love Story, by William James, the journey of a girl in search of her father. It's again a trip into the family ties the one of the protagonist of The Last Voyage of the Valentina, by Santa Montefiore, set between the 40s and the 70s, the story of a rich, unhappy girl who goes to the Amalfi Coast in search of answers about her past. The novel also has a sequel, The Italian Matchmaker, set in the same places.

Also in the past, in 1939, is set Stones of the Madonna, a love story by Jan Mazzone whose atmosphere evokes the novels by Daphne du Maurier. In the field of travel books we mention Gelato Sisterhood on the Amalfi Shore, by Chantal Kelly, focusing on anecdotes and traditions of the Coast, starting from the ice cream. For the lovers of the photography there is My Amalfi Coast, by the Australian Amanda Tabberer, who describes in great detail each of the cities on the coast. Amanda Tabberer also wrote a cookbook titled Amalfi Coast Recipes, based on her twenty years love story with the Italian Food of the Amalfi Coast. Following the theme of food, we suggest The Amalfi Coast: A collection of Italian recipes, by Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi, with many illustrative pictures of the dishes, from the puttanesca to the gnocchi.

For those who love drama and historical intrigues, we suggest The Mystery of the Duchess of Malfi, by Barbara Banks Amendola, which sheds new light on the mysteries surrounding the life of Joan of Aragon, Duchess of Amalfi, whose life ended in a tragedy already at the center of the drama of John Webster the Duchess of Malfi.

Finally, a true classic of the genre is Siren Land, a travelogue written by the transgressive English author George Norman Douglas, who includes in his pages history, religion and archeology of Sorrento and Capri.

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