Autumn has finally arrived and our kitchen gets full of new products!

A very autumnal kind of fruit is the nut.

One of the Italian finest varieties of walnut-tree is the cultivar, native of the Peninsula Sorrentina, which represents a proper habitat for its development.
The hull is light-coloured and rather smooth while the kernel - that is the edible part of the walnut – has a white-cream colour, it’s little oily, tender and has a pleasant taste, with special aroma and aftertaste.
The harvest is manual and takes place between September and October, then the walnuts are put in open air to desiccate in well-ventilated zones.

The presence of walnuts in Campania has ancient origins and there are many legends linked to this fruit.In remote epochs the walnuts were thrown to the bride and the groom - in place of rice - in sign of good wish and as a propitiatory symbol of fertility, while ancient Romans considered walnuts as a gift from Jupiter and extracted from them a fragrant oil used for medical purposes.

Nowadays they are a very important product of the Mediterranean Diet used also as an ingredient for many different recipes, like first courses or desserts.For example, with the unripe walnuts soaked into alcohol the famous “Nocino” (a dark, softly aromatic and digestive liqueur) is prepared.

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