Art and elegance at Hotel Plaza Sorrento

The evocative works of the artist Ludovica Bastianini on display at the Hotel Plaza Sorrento.
From Saturday, December 6 at 18.00, the Plaza Hotel Sorrento will host the photo exhibition Senza Pelle (Without Skin) by the artistLudovica Bastianini, cured by Manuela Esposito and Caterina Ianni.

The exhibition, organized by the Wonderwall Art Gallery in collaboration with the directors of the Hotel Plaza, originates from the desire to transmit art, its silent potential and its effective communication, to the public through some works that are the result of an idea; a project entirely dedicated to the female figure. Ludovica Bastianini has explained to Hotel Plaza Sorrento: "I always choose women like me as the subjects of my pictures, people whom I can transfer my feelings to, they are my mirror, through which I interpret the reality of women today. This would not have reason to exist without the photos, which are the starting point and the ending point of my compositions."
Caterina Ianni has written on the catalogue of the exhibition:

“The exhibition is entirely dedicated to the figure of the woman, and collects pictures, as emblematic evidence of the deep and unexplored world of women. Each picture tells the story of feelings, moods, fragility and inconsistency of women, feelings revealed by the artist, who lives them every day. Women stripped, not only figuratively but symbolically, as they have been removed from those conventions, appearances, roles or social status that women always feel the need to recognize, and that most of the time they had to conquer.

Ludovica Bastianini’s artistic research becomes the descent into the essence of women, told through images that become stories; hundreds, thousands of women lived again through the shots in which the artist is so involved to donate even her skin and soul. At the same time, in the works of Ludovica Bastianini, the woman is the object and the subject of the composition. The photograph itself resembles a living picture, as the subject of the shot is a performance in which the body becomes a potential canvas of colours. On these painted bodies you can see the melancholy of blue or gray, the purity of white, the depth of ocher, the strength of red, as well as colors that evoke feelings that belong to everyone.

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