Art and elegance at Hotel Plaza Sorrento

Hotel Plaza Sorrento, a hotel that has always considered innovative design one of its strengths, has improved its elegant and refined atmosphere with impressive works of artists Ludovica Bastianini, Giovanni Presutti and Andrea De Carvalho, whose works are also exhibited at Wonderwall Art Gallery.

The exhibition, curated by Wonderwall Art Gallery in collaboration with the direction of Hotel Plaza Sorrento, has been organized with the desire to bring art and its "silent" potential and effectiveness to the public and includes the works of three artists on the contemporary scene, Ludovica Bastianini, Giovanni Presutti and Andrea De Carvalho.

Ludovica Bastianini and Giovanni Presutti, witnesses of different cultural backgrounds, talk about their research through photography focusing on issues such as the relationship between man and nature, the conditions of dependency and the own interior search.

Andrea de Carvalho, realizes instead Baroque works characterized by the use of different materials such as ceramic, iron, painting and object trouvè illuminated by a rich chromaticism.

Ludovica Bastianini, a photographer from Naples, with her work Skinless reveals the story of feelings through the body and the eyes of other women portrayed in a new look: only when they figuratively remove the first layer of skin, you can wear the painting as a symbolic expression of the authentic revelation of a deeper identity.

Giovanni Presutti, born in Florence, with Hipsta.nothing, creates a fascinating report on the photo-maniac attitude of contemporary society: a dynamic chessboard, where the world of Pop Art becomes a quote that the artist uses, both in the choice of subjects such as Warhol's Marilyn, and in the use of a mechanical repetition of the subject.

Andrea de Carvalho, a Brazilian artist, creates works of a rich beauty and overwhelming sumptuousness. Art as creation then, marked first by modeling each piece in ceramic, and subsequently by their reorganization within a single system. Her works are the expression of a poetic ostentation, which is common to the Baroque, not only in the concept of rampant excess, bound to her expressive language, but also in being generator of a devastating astonishment.

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