A stroll through Sorrento

Spend few hours wandering the historical part of the town!
You will fastly understand why Sorrento is such a popular destination, getting lost in its narrow streets and alleyways, you’ll discover colorful local product shops and several trattorias, the true essence of Sorrento.

The old town centre is home to numerous historical buildings including the Basilica of Sant’Antonino and the complex of San Francesco, which includes the 14th Century church, a Cloister and the Monastery.

The church has a rich baroque style come with various chapels, with the statues of various saints, such as the same San Francesco, Santa Rita, Sant’Antonio and the Mary Immaculate.

The Cloister, one of the tourist favourite spots in town, was built in different architectural styles, with renovations during the various centuries. It has a peaceful and romantic open-air garden between the arches on the sides of the portico where weddings in Sorrento are celebrated. It’s interesting to sit and watch couples from all over the world celebrating their love in a magical location, but also to listen to the classical music concerts, hosted by the cloister during summertime.

While walking around Sorrento, is hard not to notice the ruins of the most ancient walls which, during the Roman domination, completely surrounded the city of Sorrento.
In the Sopra le Mura area you can still admire these walls, a protection of Sorrento during the whole medieval age and the invasion of the Saracens. From the towers, strategically positioned along the walls and alla round the coast, the sentinels would sound the alarm and the people would leave their occupations and escape.

The stroll in the center of Sorrento cannot be considered complete without a visit to an unexpected attraction, located just behind the famous Tasso square: the Valley of the Mills, in Italian “Il Vallone dei Mulini”, takes its name from the old abandoned mill, used for grinding wheat, and the sawmill, which furnished chaff to Sorrentine inhabitants. Both abandoned buildings are rising way below the ground level and are contoured by waterfalls.
Right in the middle of the town, The Valley of Mills is characterised by a platform-carving rift of rock, originated by one of the most violent volcanic eruptions which shook the land more than 30.000 years ago, generating on of the most unsuspected attractions in our area, completed with waterfalls, two streams of water (Casarlano-Cesarano and Sant’Antonino) which progressively passed through the rocks and, most of all, an amazing depth.

Despite being an absolute must see and located in the middle of almost everything in Sorrento, the Valley is still an hidden treasure. There arent many signs of touristic attractions, but it is still possible to have access at the bottom of the rocky mountains around the mills.
The estabilishment of Piazza Tasso, back in 1866 determined the isolation of the area from the sea and, as a result, a new microclimate, which favoured the spontaneous vegetation, including a variety of unique plants, dominating the scenario.
Don’t forget to equip yourself with a camera to take home mementoes of the stunning Valley of the Mills and of the enchanting Sorrento.

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